(Zachary Chick)

My hipster roots
make my feet and body
sore with this music

i knew a band like this
would eventually
come to the surface
in this decade

5 komentarjev:

  1. Wow, great photos!!! And I love your new blog! :D

    Awh, thanks babe! Yeah, I really need a change and it might be more like a journal. Just dont think fashion is my thing anymore, even though I love love fashion. I just dont want to write about it. I think I want my blog to be more about personal stuff, sometimes you just need to put it out there. And yeah, if people (Im thinking more of people in my previous crowd) dont like me saying whats on my mind, then I think they should stop reading my blog. LOL.
    You are just wonderful!

  2. tame impala got me through this year <3
    love alter ego, expectation, and vital signs too...

  3. a big LIKE its a great place here... and i'm pretty much impressed about your layout (background) that mold-made rose paper... i exactly got the same (from india)

  4. it's indian mold-made paper. i have a huge book.

  5. Suitable good passes.
    These photographs are really beautiful.
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