It is December, finally. Time to make paper snowflakes and stick them where ever possible and sitting near the fireplace drawing illustrations. And what i found out, probably the best remedy for cold feet is ginger tea with brown sugar. But i wouldn't mind some Butter beer from the Wizard world. 
My friend who is designing little handmade pieces and was also featured on this blog  Neon Angel  showed me this photographer, which now is one of my favorite photographers. I can just say she makes her photographs look just like i imagined the world to be, when i was little. Dark mysteries, nymphs and atmospheres playing mind games.

Her site:
Felicia Simion Photography

I was so inspired i also did a illustration from one of her photographs Forest of the Nymphs. But every one of her photos is so beautiful that it is hard to pick and choose my favorite.


I went on a 3 day trip in Graz at the end of September. Maybe it is not a proper time to post them as fall is heading to South, but they show how Graz could be wonderful in every season. The locals told me that you can't afford to miss Graz in Winter. You have at least five market places that will present Christmas goods, Austrian comfort food and just the festive feeling. I think i felt in love in Graz a little bit. I have been to quite some European cities, from Seville to Athens and this Austrian city has my highest admiration for now.

Mur island / Murinsel
 An artificial floating platform in the middle of the Mur river designed by New York artist Vito Acconci. 

View to the the highest point in Graz The Clock Tower. Only the tower (1559) and the belfry (1588) survived the attack of the French army with Napoleon in charge. The whole Schlossberg fortifications is defended by a wall which was impossible to cross. Napoleon then decided to blow up the fortification  in accord with the provisions of the Treaty of Schönbrunn, and the site was laid out with parks after 1839. When the fortress was reconstructed in the middle of the 16th century, the tower was given its present shape.


Graz Armoury / Landeszeughaus
Formally known as the Armoury of the State of Styria, it contains the largest collections of armour, helmets, edged weapons, guns and pistols on earth. Styria desperately needed such a large armoury to host a massive amount of weaponry and armour for the defence of styria against the invading Ottoman Empire. It is interesting how the trend in armour changed depending on the society. A large and sharp belly armour showed that the owner is wealthy hence he showed that he has money to afford food. Armour was not only for protection, it gave status and with that fear for the enemy. 

Eggenberg Palace 
Constructed in the 17th centuryit is the most significant Baroque Palace in Styria.


My blog has not seen a soul for quite some time. I always take a break from blogging for a certain amount of time. Just to fuel myself with ideas and breathe some fresh air. I also had a few major exams and i wanted to do them perfect with straight A's and I'm so glad i managed to do so. But the important part was finding a theme for my final bachelor degree. I got away from doing something trendy and easy to impress. And i don't want my blog to be trendy. I just want to share what i like, I'm doing and what inspires me and is shown in my aesthetics. I have not read a good historical book in quite some time now and dust on my bookshelf is starting to compile. As knowledge produces good humor and gives my opinion credit. That is how i want my work to appear to my costumers. And that is how i want my blog to appear. When i was studying in Leeds we had a subject of Personal development where we had to create a blog like a platform to share our work and were challenged with  a business opportunity how to create from ten pounds the most with innovative thinking. Our mentor praised raw artistic talent, originality and just having a passion to design. No caste system. No whining.  So what i learned from all of this is just to stay true to my gut feeling. Doing what i love, working hard and being smart about it.

So i prepared for you a tutorial of a dress i made from my fathers old shirt. Step by step i show you how. It is some work, but the main thing is to be precise so the finished dress looks good. And have fun. You can alternate the design. Make it you, change it up.


For starters take a old shirt and cut out the sleeves on the seam. Then you are ready to play with the remaining fabric.

First imagine your dress how you want it to be. With a lower waistline, just below the breasts or no waistline at all. Options are limitless. I envisioned mine with a higher waistline just below the breast because it suits my figure this way. I wanted to leave the sides open so that i can wear a bikini in summer under the dress and with that show a little fabric of the bikini. And also show more of the back. So when you have a precise plan of the dress, draw the desired lines with white charcoal.When you cut out the fabric do it 1cm away from the charcoal line so you can hem it.

To make a hem: Turn the edge under 1/4” (toward the inside of the costume). For curved edges, you may
need to snip the fabric here and there. Iron the turned-under edge flat. Turn the edge under another 1/4” (this encases the ends of the fabric and keeps them from raveling) and iron again if necessary. Pin the folded-under edge to the fabric to hold it in place. Remove the pins as you stitch along the edge.
NOTE: For a softer hem, you may want to stitch the edge by hand. To keep the stitches from showing on the outside, carefully poke the needle through just a few threads of fabric. It's good to avoid raveling for the bottom pattern, the skirt. One of the most common ways to slow raveling is to zig-zig stitch close to the edge of the fabric.

 Seam the upper and bottom part together when they are done. On the back side you have to make a detail to use the excess fabric and just sew it together.

 A side detail will also be needed as shirts are very loose as in contrast in you want a form fitting dress. You can make the side detail before step 4. It can be easier. It is good to have a mannequin to try things before sewing the upper and down part together.

Piping just means creating a inner seam. Once you've sewn the seam it is a good idea to iron it flat. With this steam it is a good idea to iron it on one side. If you make a dress from a delicate fabric always put a damp press cloth (like a cotton handkerchief) on top of the fabric to protect it
from heat and water stains.


So this is it. Enjoy your new dress.
If you have a question just leave me a comment. 


Butterfly broch collection

The structural color of butterflies stems from the specific structure of the butterflies' wings which explains why it shifts and appears so intense. This is known as IRIDESCENCE and it occours more in nature than you think. Mother of pearl seashells, fish and peacocks are just few examples of animals with this quality, but it is most pronounced in the butterly family. It happens when light passes through a transparent, multilayered surface and is reflected more than one. The multiple reflections compound one another and intensify colours.



A DIY i did from used Nuttela jars
i just changed the print
with my own cherry drawings.
I think it came out pretty nice!



Handmade accessories by my friend
She is just starting out
so i want to give you a little sneak peak
into her Etsy shop
or her FB page where you can see also
her custom made items.

I also stole some inspiration photography
of items and DIY project
that inspire her

Have a look



It would be a lie if i said i don't have all these photos printed
and put on my wall
there is a serene feeling in them a feeling of a quiet journey
where the old ways are treasured
and the need of fast life is set aside

Ingeborg Klarenberg