I went on a 3 day trip in Graz at the end of September. Maybe it is not a proper time to post them as fall is heading to South, but they show how Graz could be wonderful in every season. The locals told me that you can't afford to miss Graz in Winter. You have at least five market places that will present Christmas goods, Austrian comfort food and just the festive feeling. I think i felt in love in Graz a little bit. I have been to quite some European cities, from Seville to Athens and this Austrian city has my highest admiration for now.

Mur island / Murinsel
 An artificial floating platform in the middle of the Mur river designed by New York artist Vito Acconci. 

View to the the highest point in Graz The Clock Tower. Only the tower (1559) and the belfry (1588) survived the attack of the French army with Napoleon in charge. The whole Schlossberg fortifications is defended by a wall which was impossible to cross. Napoleon then decided to blow up the fortification  in accord with the provisions of the Treaty of Schönbrunn, and the site was laid out with parks after 1839. When the fortress was reconstructed in the middle of the 16th century, the tower was given its present shape.


Graz Armoury / Landeszeughaus
Formally known as the Armoury of the State of Styria, it contains the largest collections of armour, helmets, edged weapons, guns and pistols on earth. Styria desperately needed such a large armoury to host a massive amount of weaponry and armour for the defence of styria against the invading Ottoman Empire. It is interesting how the trend in armour changed depending on the society. A large and sharp belly armour showed that the owner is wealthy hence he showed that he has money to afford food. Armour was not only for protection, it gave status and with that fear for the enemy. 

Eggenberg Palace 
Constructed in the 17th centuryit is the most significant Baroque Palace in Styria.

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  1. Ooooh those photos are so beautiful, it makes me daydream. You must have spent an extraordinary trip!

  2. Graz je lep, ampak na tvojih slikah še bolj. (: