Get on a train and just go somewhere.
Where will you sleep
  You'll figure that out when you arrive there.

Get bruises you don't know
how you got them.
It was probably last night

Get this kind of bruises
from my loved one

Fill in a whole moleskin
with illustrations

Wander through the nature
take pictures of animals
make a voodoo doll from pieces of wood

Go to a concert of my
favurite band and somehow
declare my complete obedience to them

Ramsack vintage market

Read all the books from my sci*fi list

make moments with my loved ones i
 won't forget so easily

Spend much of your time at the sea
It teaches things

The simple one - Don't overthink it

Listen to music like this:

(this post was inspired by
pictures of a tumblr site i fell in love
It's the simple things)

and yes, i'm daydreaming
i can't help it!

9 komentarjev:

  1. We can never help it, can we? ;p

    Anyway, this is an amazing summer list, it could have been done my me. And obsiously, the pics are inspiring. love it. I just want to get over with my exams and have finally holidays!


  2. Wow your blog is very inspiring... I like your style to post & your taste of photos is great.

    xx Paula || What's enough for a happy living?

  3. Wonderful post! This is very inspiring

  4. your blog is really inspiring! :) and getting bruises i dont know where i got them is an everyday thing for me lately. haha

  5. I plan on spending many days at the sea!

    Thanks for visiting us, your blog is lovely! We're now happily following :)

    sorelle in style

  6. this is just so lovely! and the first bruise is pretty impressive, don't you think? x

  7. Your posts are always worded so wonderfully, really charming. That bruise is so beautiful even though it probably causes her so much pain! Kind of ironic in that sense, reminds me of space. Is that the lead singer of interpol? I listen to some of their music and its lovely.

  8. I hope your summer is as fulfilled as this sounds.. how I would love to build a collection of blurred bruises from lost nights.. ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  9. Exquisite pictures, fell in love with your blog! <3